Ludo King MOD APK v6.7.0.211 ( Unlimited Money/Sixes ) Download

There are thousands of games globally, but only two types exist. The first type of game is about your experience and the practice you do for it, and the other type is on the probabilities. Suppose you are playing cricket, football or basketball. You’ll have to practice much harder for it because it relies on the practice you do for it. But some games like Ludo King need your luck; it works on probability. These types of games will give different results on different experiments. So today, we are writing on How to get Ludo King mod apk ( No Root ) to get maximum sixes, unlimited money, and gems. 

Are you searching for Ludo King mod apk in Google search engine? If yes, then you are on the website. You can download the mod version v6.7.0.211 of Ludo King damn easily with so many additional hacks. I know you are tired of getting low numbers rolling the dice each time. We have developed the most certified mod version for the Ludo King game available on the internet. 

Additional Information

Ludo King MOD + APK (Unlimited Sixes/Coins)
App NameLudo King
App Size54 MB
CategoryBoards Game
Google Play
Last Update24 February 2022
Android Version RequirementsV4.4 and up
Latest Versionv6.7.0.211
Mod InfoUnlimited Coins, money, Unlimited Sixes
download ludo king mod apk

You can install the latest Ludo King mod v6.7.0.211 apk from this website at the end of this article to get unlimited coins, unlimited gems, and a maximum of sixes on every turn. Install our latest mod version if you want to win every game and make your name shine in the Ludo King game. Ludo King doesn’t play with experience. It plays with luck, so the Ludo King mod apk players have luck on their hands. This is why they win each game, earn maximum coins, gems and play like professional players. 

Ludo King is the best online board game. You can play this game with your friends, family members, children, or online friends by connecting the game to your social accounts. The best news about the Ludo King game is that you can play this game with your friends online. It doesn’t matter what device they are using. Ludo King game is available for Android, IOS Apple, Tablets, and even for desktop. 

This game is a multiplayer game; we have so many memories attached with the board Ludo games. If you ever feel depressed or upset, invite your friends and give it a try. Believe me; you will have so much fun in this game as we used to play it when we were a child. You can play this game even offline, “play without internet connection,” on your device. Ludo King is a famous game. Most real-life celebrities enjoy it.

What is Ludo King mod apk?

Ludo king’s game was developed back on February 20, 2016, by Gametion Technologies Pvt, Ltd. In the ludo king game, shock your competitors with your moves. Ludo King mod apk is a recreated or modified version of the official Ludo King game. Ludo King mod apk will provide unlimited money and Gems as well. 

You can enjoy unlocking all the premium kinds of stuff without playing for them. Downloading and installing the mod version will give you all the latest premium features without spending your money at any cost. Rolling the dice and winning the game is now completely easy with our modified app. Become the most professional and famous player in ludo king. Ludo King is an old art game played between kings and queens. We used to play this game when there was no technology and the internet. Most girls play the ludo king game; even Bollywood film industries and other celebrities play this game.

Ludo King is an excellent game globally; Ludo King has 300.5 million downloads and has 4.7 positive ratings on the AppStore. Usually, gamers are despairing from the mod version of the game, but we assure you that the Ludo King mod apk is 100% anti-ban and will not harm your device. We have personally tested it on high-end devices and low-end devices. We care about your security since it is our priority. We got zero lag and zero crashes.

How to use Ludo King mod apk ?

Ludo King mod apk is not a different version of the original and official Ludo King game. We did some code modifications that did not change the controls or the game interface. Ludo King 2022 mod apk will give you unlimited coins and unlimited gems. There is no direct coin generator hack for the Ludo King, but the Coins and Gems will be 10x more from the bonus and matches you play. 

You will get only sixes by each turn because the dice are under control in this mod version v6.7.0.211. Installing the Ludo King modded version apk will help you win every game, but it will also help you earn unlimited coins and gems. Now start playing big and competitive matches and win each one by one. This version will give you spin and bonuses each day you open the Ludo King game. You can earn infintie  coins and gems by watching short ads in the game if you like so.

Ludo King has two versions; one is a paid version, and the other is free. The premium version will allow you to get unlimited gems and too many skips. Unlimited gems will make you a ludo king rich guy as you will be able to get anything available on the game on Gem. There are no ADs in this version. 

Most gamers don’t have money, or sometimes they prefer to spend money on the game to buy the premium version. This is why we created a mod version of the Ludo King game to provide all the premium features on the game free of cost, without playing real-time money. Playing with Ludo King mod apk will make your profile more attractive and dashing to other players. Always share your winning screenshots and challenge all the ludo king players to play with you. We made this mod version for you; now, you must play competitive matches.

Download ludo king mod apk 2021

Finally, the wait is over, and the Ludo King mod apk 2021 is ready to download. Since I gave the guarantee of unlimited coins and unlimited gems, you are now one step ahead. Download the latest Ludo King latest modded apk from our website and start rolling dice with sixes only. This mod version is the paid version of the game. Ludo King mod v6.7.0.211 apk is ultimately the same as the official version of the game is. 

This is why it will give you all the paid things for free. We have some easy-to-use hacks within the Ludo King modded apk too. Our engineers have worked hard and developed the most awaited mod version of the Ludo King game. I bet you would love to use Ludo King mod apk. Would you mind clicking on the download button below and taking your first step toward success?

Features of Ludo King mod apk 

There are so many features of the Ludo King game; like Ludo King game has some mini-games too within the same app like snake and board ladder. Snake and ladder is a board game too, and we used to play these two games a lot. When we were children, the snake and ladder game took less time to complete than playing the whole game of dice. 

The rules of this game are straightforward; when the game starts, your focal point will be on 100 positions. There are 100 numbers on the board, and you will have to touch the number 100 for winning the game. Snakes will bite you and descend your level each time you roll the dice and get the number where the snake is sleeping. You can play this game in Ludo King mod apk without any lag.

Some main features are explained below. If you are not interested in reading them all, you can download the latest Ludo King modified apk simply by clicking the download button at the end of this article.

 Unlimited Gems and Coins 

Every gamer wishes for unlimited gems and coins for a better gaming experience. You can get infinite gems and money for free in this mod version. Having a high amount of assets in the game will make your profile more stunning in front of your friends and other players. Please avoid playing small matches with other people because you have the mod version installed on your device, so you must play high-profile games to earn unlimited coins and gems. Even the mod version will give lots of assets for free without playing games.

 NO ADs gameplay 

Sometimes, when you are playing the free version of the game, they show ads. Ads are an annoying part of every application, and no one wants to play games with Ads. Usually, developers show pop-up ads for earning money from the publisher, and the pop-up ads are the most hated Ads format ever. Installing Ludo King mod apk will not show you any single AD. 

Advertisements are the fundamental right of the game developers, but it ruins the game experience, and sometimes the exit button stops working. For this, you need to restart your game. We made the best mod version for this game in which you don’t need to worry about the pop-up ADs.

Unlimited Sixes  

As I said above, the Ludo King game is probability-based. It’s not you who rolls the dice and what number you get, but it’s your luck. Suppose you are feeling ashamed of losing your games against your friends. Your lucky days starting today, install our recreated Ludo King mod apk and start rolling the dice with unlimited sixes in the Ludo King game. The digit six in Ludo king is like a king. You can unlock all the pocks ( Ludo ki Gotti ), and even you can kill other players’ pocks by getting a maximum of sixes. Now the game is entirely in your hands, dude. Start defeating them all, who were proud of their luck, lol. Now download the mod version and start looting coins and gems with the Ludo King premium apk.

Offline Gameplay 

What we mean about the offline gameplay is that you can play a ludo king game without an internet connection. Most popular games don’t have this feature, but ludo king is the game that supports those players with whom there is an internet issue. Four of your players can play the Ludo King game offline in local mode. Even the Ludo King game has an amazing feature to play this game among five players. Most of the players play offline mode gameplay when they want to play with family members or with their friends in a park, hostel, or even in the classroom, lol. You can impress your girlfriend with our modified version of Ludo King by showing them your winning streaks.

Prime Support

As you’ll know, this is a recreated and mod version of the official Ludo King game. So sometimes, not all the time, players get stuck at some points and don’t know how to fix them.

We provide Premium support to our users and help them get out of their issues while playing games on the Ludo King mod apk. You will get an option of support within the game; you can ask for help or get our live support through the excellent support option. We would love to help you ASAP (as soon as possible ). Start your new journey of winning every game with tons of coins and gems for free.

Unlock Premium Live themes 

Usually, developers gave trashy and awful themes in the free versions of the game. The Ludo King developers did the same with their users. Everyone wants to use the awesome themes to play calmly. If you want to avail of these Live themes, you’ll have to play lots of games, but you can get all these premium themes free in the Ludo King mod apk. There are 100 plus live themes in the Ludo King game, and you can get all of them for free without paying for them. You can change your dashboard to a stunning new view also the user experience by installing our Ludo King mod apk.

How to install Ludo king mod apk?

If you want to download this game and install the ludo king mod apk on your mobile phone. There is no rocket science; it’s damn easy installing the ludo king game on your device. Also, you don’t need root access for this mod version. Follow the following simple steps and get your ludo king modified apk on your device in a few seconds.

  • From the beginning, click on the download button at the top and end of this article; wait for your ludo king mod apk download process to complete successfully.
  • Click on the ludo king modded apk file and click the install button. Sometimes the mobile redirects you to the mobile setting option ( Unknown source ). Just tick this option and back to the installation process.
  • Once the installation completes successfully, open the game and enjoy our mod version.


We are so happy that you are now enjoying all the premium features of the ludo king game without paying money for them because of the mod version you have installed on your device. We have tested this mod version personally on our device and will give you zero percent lag or crashes during the gameplay. 

Once you start using the Ludo king mod apk, you will have a richer portfolio than other players. With the Ludo King modded apk, you can get unlimited coins, unlimited gems, and hundreds of premium live themes for free. Enjoy your gameplay with NO-Ads and unlock all the premium items of the game. The Ludo king modded apk download button works fine. You can download it damn easily just by clicking on the download button. Get our excellent support; typically, we reply to our users in 4 hours and help them solve the issue they face during the match or in-app. If you still have any questions, you can type your message in the comment box below. We will respond to you in a short amount of time.

Ludo king Mod apk

Freqeuntly Aksed Questions about Ludo King MOD APK

Question: Do we need to install other apk files for this Modded app?

Answer: No. You don’t need to install anything other than the apk file.

Question: Many other apk need Root Access; does this app need too?

Answer: No, Rooting your device will make your phone open to attacks, so better not to root any device.

Question: Is this mod version is safe for my device ?

Answer: Yes, this is safe to use, If your android version is compatible with this app then sure you can use it.

Quetion: How do we install this game?

1. Download Ludo King mod apk from this article.
2. Locate the download directory and click on the file.
3. All you have to do now is click on Install and wait for it.
4. Enjoy!!

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