How to Play Ludo King Game Online 4 Players

Ludo king game is an online multiplayer game. The Ludo King game is a classic game; we used to play this game in our childhood days. A maximum of 4 players could play this game with each other. The company name is Gametion Pvt Ltd and introduced the modern version of ludo. You can now play the Ludo king game online with your friends, family members, or even your old school buddies. Ludo king online is made on HTML5 technology. The Ludo King game has millions of positive ratings over the internet. 

Ludo King has 650+ Million Downloads on the play store, having 4.7 stars ratings on AppStore. Ludo king’s graphic is low, but it is one of the most downloaded games in the Board gaming experience type. Millions of players are playing this game online. Bollywood stars are addicted to this game. You can get a chance to play with them in a random match. The Ludo king game has 4 types of gaming modes. If you don’t know how to play the Ludo king game, you can read this article Here for winning strategies.

Can You Play Ludo King Online?

As I mentioned above, that ludo king is an online multiplayer game. You can play this game online with anyone. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone stays in the home. No one plays games outdoors. You can play ludo king with your school, university, or college friends by inviting them to your match. You can play the Ludo King game with your social media friends by connecting ludo king with your Facebook account. What are the four modes of the ludo king game? Let’s read them below.

Ludo King Game Online 4 Players

1: Play Online

The first mode of ludo king you will see on the home page. Playing online mode will connect you with all those players. Who is playing with guest accounts? Usually, ludo king players prefer to play the game in Play online mode. When your friends are not active in the game. Play online mode players are always real random players. They are not bots or AI computers. Playing online is the best mode to play a game with random players worldwide. I love this mode.

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2: Play with friends

The Ludo King game is the best version of the classic board ludo game. With ludo king, you can play with your friends online. The best part of the game is sending a message to other players. Send them emojis, but one emoji will cost ten ludo king coins so that players don’t spam the game or send flood messages. Furthermore, there are two modes in the Play with friends mode, which are explained entirely. Let’s read about Create Room and join Room in the Ludo king game.

Create Room 

Create Room is the default mode of Play with friends ludo king mode. When you want to invite your friends online, you need to create a Room. When you create a Room, the game will give one unique room ID. You can share that room ID with your friends online through social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. You can not invite your friends to the game without sending them your Room ID.

Join Room

Join Room mode is used. When your friends want to invite you to their game, they cannot send a direct invitation, but the first one will create a Room. Ludo king will create a Random Unique ID for that Room. If you want to join their Room, you must have that unique Room ID. Just click on Play with friends mode, click on join Room and enter the Room ID your friends sent you. It is a speedy process. Ludo king’s game has zero percent server issues. Enjoy the best online gaming experience, online without any issue.

3: Play with Computer 

Ludo king won’t disappoint you, even when you don’t have friends to play with or an internet connection for online gameplay. Play with computer mode is specially made for those players, who usually face internet issues. Playing with a computer is AI bots, not real players. Bots will play the game with you. If you use the best strategies, you can win the game; otherwise, robots are ingenious these days, lol.

4: Pass N Play

Sometimes, you are at home, with friends or in college and want to play ludo king with them. You don’t need to connect to the internet; make Room and send them to Room ID to join. You can use Pass N play mode because it doesn’t need an Internet connection. 4 Players will play the game on one device. Game control and UI will be the same. Pass N play mode is a very famous model of ludo king. 

You can play the Ludo King game online with 4 players. Create a room or tell them to create one and join the Room by that unique Room Id and enter the game. If you need a Ludo King MOD APK latested version of this game, download it.

Suppose you still have questions about the Ludo king game online with 4 players. Comment right here, and I will respond to you in a short amount of time.

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