Ludo King Cheats codes and Tricks 2022

Are you a great admirer of One of the best Ludo king games? Are you seeking a shortcut to win every ludo king game easily without having much effort? today we are here to help you with Ludo King cheat codes and Tricks. 

Ludo King Cheats codes and Tricks

The gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd developers have developed this game in 2016. This game was not so popular until the Covid-19 came and people were stuck at their homes and hostels. 

Ludo King has now more than 100M+ Downloads on the google play store as well on the App store. 

Ludo King has two different modes of version for gameplay, one is Free but the other mode is premium which will allow you unlimited skips. Today we are here to help you get the premium features for free with Our Ludo King MOD APK

Does Ludo King have cheats Codes ? 

Yes, Ludo king has cheats and tricks to win every game. Actually, all the ludo king cheats codes are Promo codes for some special users. Later the special users public these Promo codes and it becomes the Cheats codes for the Ludo king game. 

Android users: Ludo king Cheats Codes 

  1. Unlock or buy coin box 1 Cheat code: LJDMTJDA28
  2. Unlock or buy coin box 2 Cheat code: GDTN0MXYU4
  3. Unlock or buy coin box 3 Cheat code: ZP9S0QXEKN
  4. Block all in-app ADs for free by applying this Cheat Code: HS5BBABJJK
  5. Unlock or purchase the buddy pack in the game apply this cheat code: KIPMBBGU1T
  6. To unlock all the premium live themes use this cheat code: NR0XPLN4AJ
  7. Unlock or buy coin box 4 Cheat code: FM0ZYLN4AY
  8. Unlock or buy coin box 6 Cheat code: PZDYNDCQNH
  9. Unlock or buy coin box 1 Cheat code: UCJC9DA6G7
  10. To get a free 2500 diamond pack apply this cheat code: SLU1GKE3U9
  11. To get free 2x coins with the spin wheel enter this cheat code: 3OH49FKAL1

iPhone Users: Ludo King Cheats Codes 

  1. Unlock or buy coin box 1 Cheat code: 6TBUE4T4UU
  2. Unlock or buy coin box 2 Cheat code: U3RNQP0OS3
  3. unlock or buy coin box 3 Cheat code: VWZEYECXQM
  4. Blocked all the Ads in-app with this cheat code for free: SMX3ICORU8
  5. To get the buddy pack in the game use the cheat code: MLKLPIOWDO
  6. To unlock the live premium themes use this cheat code: U3BNQ30CS8
  7. To get free coin box 4 apply this  cheat code: LHVH8BR7H9
  8. Unlock coin box 6 enter this cheat code: XSZIWG1V4X
  9. To get  coin pack 1 enter this cheat code: UUXLNECVDE
  10. Get a free  2500 diamond pack to apply this cheat code: J4FRG0NQ7A
  11. To get the 2x coins with the spin wheel give this cheat code: EKN5CEEFUK

How to win Ludo king game Every Time ?

The Ludo King game is easy to understand as well as the gameplay and gaming controls and settings. If you want to win every ludo king game like a pro, you will need to learn about the hidden tricks and strategies usually pro ludo king game users do. 

Here are some steps for you to learn about how to win the ludo king game every time.

  1. Most Ludo king game users do not think about the next move, they waste their time by looking at other players’ tokens and moves. If you want to kill the opponent you will need to think about your next moves. 
  2. Always try to cry out the Token from your home base. It will boost your strength to kill maximum users in the game. 
  3. Always move the tokens forward equally, Some users keep running only one token and leave the rest of the token near their home base. 
  4. Always leave the token in the STOP position, it will keep the token safe from getting killed by the opponent. Once you get the bigger number with some sizes you can move the token forward to another safe place. 
  5. Always try to chase the opponent’s most forwarded token because if you kill that token.
  6. If you have one Token in a one-stop position ( Star position or unkilled Position ), and one or two tokens are behind you or your opponent, try to keep running another token from your home base after them. It will give maximum chances to kill the opponent tokens fast. 
  7. When you get to know that the game is going to be a bad game, and you are losing the game, just turn off your mobile internet data or WIFI to get all the coins back that you invested for this game. 

Download Ludo King Cheat APK 2022

Ludo king game is now very famous in the Asia region and most the people are playing this game every day and night. It became one the most successful ladder board-type games for the first time in smartphone games history. Today we are here with the Ludo king cheat apk 2022 version.

Ludo king cheat app will help you unlock all the premium features for free. You don’t need to create custom patches or some type of injecting code etc. Just Download the Latest version of Ludo king mod or cheat apk from Here and enjoy all the premium features for free. 

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