Inshot PRO MOD APK V1.810.1347 ( Pro Unlocked )

Inshot Pro mod Apk is one of the best and most popular video editing and photo editing available on Playstore with a 4.8 Positive rating. Since web 2.0 has changed a lot of things like people are now posting their daily life Vlogs, Video content, and amazing picture designs on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. People love those creators and editors who make Better Content, and Inshot Pro is the only solution if you are using a smartphone for your video editing.  

Almost every YouTuber and social Influencer now have the best camera for shooting and an expensive video and photo editing setup. We have only a smartphone and some editing apps to make our content more realistic and vivid.

Additional Information

Inshot Pro v1.812.1349 APK + MOD 
App NameInshot Pro
App Size43 MB
CategoryVideo Editing
Google Play
Last UpdateMarch 10, 2022
Android Version RequirementsV5.0 and up
Latest VersionV1.812.1349
Mod InfoPro Version Inshot/
No Ads/ Premium Unlocked
PublisherInShot Video Editor
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What is Inshot Pro mod Apk?

Inshot pro mod apk is the Best, free High-class video editing plus Photo editing applications you can download from the play store with 4.8 positive ratings. Inshot Pro offers tons of features like you can easily Trim or cut your video, You can blur the background, You can download any music from the Inshot pro audio library, or you can import from your storage, great Transition and effects for free, Text on your video and the last one and the best feature and you can add filters to your video and photos for free.

Inshot basic is not offering all these features for free, Inshot Pro is a paid app, and you will have to buy it from the play store to use all premium features. To make the inshot Pro for free use, we are offering Inshot pro mod apk, the best and no crash mod for inshot Pro available on the internet. Many people are despairing from the security issue, so our mod version is 100% secure and fast to load. Also, you can unlock all the premium features for easing your edits. 

Inshot Pro is a powerful video editing app to record your daily Vlogs. Almost every Member is now used for making and editing Memes. You can edit videos for your Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook with the best Aspect Ratio. To know more about the Inshot pro mod apk feature, Keep continuing.

Features of Inshot Pro Mod Apk

Inshot Pro is in one video and photo editing application. It is the best and easiest to use app for those not experts in Video editing. Inshot pro mod apk offers almost every feature and provides all the basic tools you will need for editing.

1: Video Controls 

Inshot Pro has the best video control settings. It supports even 8k 4k video quality. Other than this, you can export your videos’ edited content in 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc., when you are exporting your edited videos. The app asks you to choose which quality you would love to save the video. 

 Video Converter, Cutter & Slideshow

If you have Inshot Pro installed on your device, you don’t need to download any video Converter apps. Sometimes we need to lower the quality or pixel of a video. We generally look for the best Video Converters apps, but the good news is that Inshot Pro offers the best Video Converter for free. 

Other than converting videos from 720p to 480p or 380p, Inshot Pro will make you able to cut any part of the video into a new short clip, which you can edit separately without applying all your edits to the whole video.

There are many editing options, but if you need to make a simple slideshow of your favorite photos, Inshot Pro can do that task more easily. You can merge photos create slideshows with Beautiful soundtracks.

No Ads & Watermark

Inshot Basic or the free version shows in-app Ads, which are annoying and sometimes cover the whole screen during download graphics from the inshot library. If you want to use inshot without Ads, install the Latest Inshot mod apk from our website.

Inshot Pro doesn’t stick its logo as a watermark on the edited content you export your storage.

If you have ever used the Inshot basic version, it exports your videos with its watermark, which is not the best practice.

Speed Control

Once you install Inshot Pro, you’ll experience all the new features so far. You’ll have full hands-on Video controls like you will be able to adjust video speed according to your needs. Inshot Pro supports Fast/slow motion features. You can speed up your video up to 100x, and the lowest slow motion is 0.2x.

FPS ( Frame Per Second )

While exporting your newly edited contents, You can select the best FPS (frames per second ) option for your video. Inshot Pro Offers the high 60 FPS and is the best option to export a video. 

Perfect Aspect Ratio 

Every Social networking website has its specific Aspect Ratio, like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. During the video editing interface, you can select the best Aspect Ratio. There are pre-defined Aspect ratios for Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook. You can easily select one for a better experience. Following are the aspect ratio for these popular social sites

  • Youtube – 16:9
  • Facebook –  9:16 or 4:5
  • Instagram – 16:9 and 4:5
  • Tiktok –  9:16

2: Audio Controls 

Inshot Pro is a complete and best free application for video editors. It covers all the basic needs for an editor like Importing audio from the storage, Adding from the inshot Pro library, and you can record your voice to the video. You can minimize the Original sound of the video. 

Add music, Extract from Video.

You can import music from your internet or external storage. Inshot Pro also allows you to extract music from a video. I think this is the best feature you will ever use in Inshot Pro. You can add your favorite Song from the Inshot Pro library without restrictions. You can adjust the music to fade or slow down and In/out option.

Support Audio Recording

Insho Pro supports audio recording features, which help users to add their one voice-over to the video. Also, you can control your audio recording and the video on the same screen to fit your voice recording with matching parts of the video contents.

3: Video Transitions, Effect, and Filters

Inshot Pro provides you with hundreds of Transitions, effects, and filters for better editing. You can unlock all the premium or Paid Transitions, visual Effects, and awesome filters for free by installing our Latest Inshot Pro Mod Apk.

Using Inshot Pro transitions, It is said that you can merge 2 or more 2 clips by adding some premium transitions to make it more cinematic and vivid! Inshot Pro will make you a montage video master. There are now 60+ Transitions in the inshot library, and you can use them all. Famous transitions names are Fade in/out, Glitch, Light and Slice, etc.

You are allowed to use inshot pro Filters and effects such as adding movies, Vlogs, and news style clips filer and effects like Glitch effect, Old TV, RGB Screen, and Stop or slow motion.

Inshot Pro gives you full access to use and adjust the brightness, Contrast, Noise Cancellation, Saturations, and even to customize the effect and filters. 

4: Inshot Pro Photo Editor

We all accept that Inshot Pro is the best HD video editor, but we must accept that Inshot Pro is the best photo editor. You can edit your Photos along with your videos without a watermark. There are tons of designs and collage layouts. You can change the background of any photo with the best filter and colorful pre-built backgrounds.

Inshot Pro brings different cute and stunning frames; you can choose your love for your photo. There are thousands of free stickers and funny text. Inshot Pro comes with 1000+ animation GIFs.

What’s New?

Now it’s easy to share your edited content on different social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. While you are exporting, you can use other apps. The exporting will not be stopped even if it runs in the background. 

Inshot Inc developers are working hard to bring new awesome features to Inshot and Inshot Pro. They fix bugs and update the app regularly. They are adding new Transitions, Filters, and Effects, Also new graphics to the app to make it more reliable for the designers and Video editors.

How to Download & install Inshot Pro Mod apk?

Would you love to learn how to download the latest version of the Inshot Pro mod apk?

You can download it from our website right down in this article. Follow these few steps to get the app installed on your device.

  • Download the latest version of the Inshot Pro mod apk from our website.
  • Click on the downloaded file and click on the install button.
  • Sometimes it redirects to the setting to give access to unknown source apps.
  • Just give access and jump back to the installation process; wait for a few seconds.
  • Congratulations, the Inshot, installed successfully. Enjoy it :).


We are very happy to provide the Premium version of Inshot for free to the Video editors and Photo editors community. We are here with the most smooth and best certified Mod versions of Inshot pro. Most users are afraid of Viruses and trojans, so our app is 100% secure. Enjoy all the premium stuff for free, which was paid in Inshot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Inshot Pro MOD APK

Question: Do we need to install other apk files for this app?

Answer: The answer is no. You don’t need to install anything other than the apk file.

Question: Many other apk need Root Access, does this app need too?

Answer: No, Some years later it was true but not now.Rooting your device will make your phone open to attacks, so better not to root any device.

Question: Is this mod version is safe for my device ?

Answer: Yes, this is safe to use, If your android version is compatible with this app then sure you can use it.

Question: How do we install this app ?

Answer: To install this app, first of all, download the modified version from this article.
1. Download Inshot Pro MOD APK from this article.
2. Locate the download directory and click on the file.
3. All you have to do now is click on Install and wait a bit for it.
4. Enjoy!!

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