How to Use Green Screen In Inshot Pro [Chroma Key] supported

Inshot Pro is one of the best and most easy-to-use applications for android and IOS both and with a complete Video and audio Editing cool feature now in one spot. You can now use the Green screen feature in Inshot pro damn easy. Also you can now download its Pro for free Here.

This app will allow you to import the Green screen effect from your device’s internal or external storage to the app. Most of the content creators in social media are now prefer Inshot Pro for basic level Video editing. Inshot allows its users to crop the imported files during the editing. We have decided to write a complete guide on Using the Green screen in inshot Pro. Here is the full knowledge about it.

What is Green Screen?

In the late age, the smartphone was the best technology. We used to record videos through smartphones. They were recording Videos through cameras and saving them to the storage brought in ideas to the Software engineers and apps developers about the Video Editors software and Applications for Smartphones. They were in a craze to develop the best video editing application and software for the fair use of video editing. These days the editor’s apps used to be very simple. Later in the 2000 century, Video editing software became more advanced. 

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The Green screen is just a green background which can be a wall with green Paint, it can be a Green Cloth background, and that video production teams use to place visual effects later during the post-production phase. This technology is a bit old, but it is now available on smartphones. Using a green screen (or Chroma key) technology has been around since the 19th century, but it is limited to high-end Computers and Advanced level video editing software.

Why are we calling this technology a green screen? Because there’s an extensive green screen background on the set while recording the videos. The Green color was chosen as one of the minor colors Frayed by brass or images used for display. The Green Screen uses these techniques, layers of images. 

A green screen is used when we place a new image or a video on another video or shot to be displayed over it. We want to remove the background from the floating video shown on the existing video or image. Please look at the pictures below; they will help you understand them more easily. It is a tricky topic, and we need to create a video tutorial for the perfect explanation. The video will be available at the end of this article.

All the Big movies industries are now using the Green screen for action movies. Also, edit the green background after the shooting and change the background of the green screen recording into something other than the original green background.

Why do Most of the Content Creators use Green Screen?

Green screen is one of the best features for the content creators like Social media influencers. Most of the YouTubers are recording videos in offices, home, and or in their living room and the background of these places are not attractive for the audience. Content creators put a green cloth right behind their posing for the Green screen effects. When they finish the shooting, later they change the Green screen background to an attractive location by using Advance video Editors tools like Adobe premier pro, Inshot Pro, and fiilmora Softwares.

Today we have written a detailed guide on How to use Green screen In Inshot Pro, so if you are here to learn about how to use it and why people love to use Green Screen in their video. You are at the right place.

How to Use Green Screen In Inshot Pro?

Finally, the wait is over; Inshot has developed the latest cool feature in their mobile app. We will be able now to use Green screen effects and Kroma key feature in Inshot Pro in just a few clicks. Here is the guide; please read every step carefully.

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Contents you’ll need :

  1. From the first step, you will need a High-Quality picture for your background, and it must copyright-free image if you are using it for commercial use. You can download it from Pixaby, Unsplash, etc. 
  2. The recorded video background must be green; you can use a Green color cloth or a green painting wall right behind your shooting so that the Inshot pro app detects it and remove the background from your video. 
  3. Also, download one excellent copyright-free soundtrack for your background music. It’s optional; it’s ok if you don’t want to use any background music.

Here are a few simple steps for using the Green screen in the Inshot Pro application.

  • Open the inshot Pro app and import the background image you downloaded. 
  • Now click on the PIP option and import the Green Screen video clip, and inshot Pro will place it above the background picture. You can drag it, zoom, position change. Set the Green screen Video over the Background image.
  • Now click on The Green screen video, and some new options will appear on your home screen. Click on Kroma Key and drag the Circle icon to the Screen Screen background and leave it. It will remove the Green Background from your video.
  • You can now set your video position on the background image in the perfect place.
  • If you want to add background music, click on the Music option and import the music from your storage. You can use any piece from the inshot pro music library.
  • If you want to adjust the background music volume, click on the music option and tap on the Music layer in the editing zone. There you can adjust the music volume easily according to your needs.
  • Now click on the Save button at the top of the right corner in the Inshot pro app. And select your Video quality. Recommended Video Quality is 1080 and 30 FPS because some low-end devices do not support 4k and 60 FPS video qualities.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Green Screen In Inshot Pro

If you are being stuck while using a Green screen in Inshot Pro, Please watch the video tutorial for better understanding. Here is the video tutorial for complete beginners.

how to use Green Screen in inshot pro

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