How to Use Alight Motion

Alight Motion is one of the fastest-growing video editors and graphic designers. It could be your first and last choice for a great editing and graphic app for Android and iPhone. Once you learn how to descend, Motion works and uses it properly. This allows users to use quality visual effects, motion graphics, and animations that they want to make.

How to Use Alight Motion

Alight Motion has a lot of pre-built in Transition, Animation section bitmap support graphics functionality. You’ll be able to import Your media for editing. Most of the videos import demo content from different websites like canvas, Snappa, and Pixaby; later, they edit it with alight Motion because alight Motion allows users to import content from internal or external storage. 

Once you finish your editing, you can save your projects without reducing the graphics quality or bitmap. If you want to use the paid version of Alight Motion for free, Download it from here

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Support Multiple Layers

Alight Motion is one of the latest pro-motion graphics apps that allows you to make professional Animation and edit your videos. Alight Motion supports multi-layers separately for graphics, Videos contents, and Especially the audio. 

You can now edit your videos like adobe premiere pro. You can import your content from your storage. Alight Motion MOD APK allows its user to control the graphic, Video, and audio adjustment on the same screen. 

You can crop and add your watermark also; you can set up a graphic on the extract position you want it to be. You can change the text colours and fonts now more easily. 

Import and Export in Alight motion app

Alight Motion supports almost every type or extension of Videography content. Alight Motion is the best method for making new tasks and working on an Alight motion app. Alight Motion allows you to import several video and audio formats like Image Sequence, Projects package, GIF Images, MKV Files, and PNG Pictures. 

This App permits users to make new tasks and their work. You may be able to augment the new project with the photos and videos out there on the device. Alight Motion permits users to export videos in several formats like regular videos, GIF images, Image sequences, Project Packages, and PNG pictures. Alight Motion additionally provides distortion effects (distortion/warp) to create your videos and become a lot of enticing.

You can export your Finished project to your storage in a few seconds. If you are using a slow or low-end device, the export may take a bit longer while rendering the editing contents, but it usually works faster. You will get your edited Video or pictures in high quality. Alight does not reduce or blur the edited file while saving in internal or external storage. 

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What’s inside in Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion has almost everything you want to download. It gives some pre-built resources too. You can do your projects with professional options with alight Motion. Following are the options you can use to get professional results for your videos. Also, if you want to get the Alight motion pro version for free, please download it from our website.

Vector and icon 

You can edit any vector graphic and icon within the Alight motion app. You can change the colours and text or even the whole design of any vector portrait or icon. 

Visual Effects

There are tons of Basic impact pre-built in Blocks, which you can combine to make refined visual effects right within the app. This is an app for Android and iPhone; you can download it from the play store too if you want to buy 5$ subscriptions / monthly. 


Alight Motion offers one of the coolest features you will ever use, Animations. It enables its users to use keyframe animation for all the settings. You can create your type of Animation right within the app without any restrictions using the Alight motion pro version. You can make a separate grouping and mask for any settings and animations. That’s said, alright Motion allows its user to adjust and do colour standardization for the Video editing. 

Solid Features 

  1. You can make your custom font and Alight motion support. 
  2. You can only do stroke, Shadow, and multi-border effects in Alight motion pro.
  3. You can save your favourite part for re-using for future editing.
  4. This is a cross-platform application; you can use it on Android, iPhone, and pads.
  5. You can import any graphic from your internet and external storage.

Is Alight Motion available for Computers and Laptops?

Most of the Alight motion app addicted editors are looking for an answer. Is there any source to download Alight Motion for computers and laptops? The key answer is that there is no official Version Of the alight motion app for computers and laptops. You can use Alight Motion only on smartphones. If you have an android emulator for your computer, you can use Alight Motion even on a computer or laptop through Emulators.

If you still have any questions, you can comment on your queries. We will look forward to assisting you more about using the Alight motion app. If you want to contact us about any misleading information about the Alight motion app, you can contact us through our contact us page.

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