How to Sell Dragons in Dragon City Game

Dragon city is not just a game. It is like raising the dragon’s cities in real life. You can sell dragons in dragon city, and it is straightforward, but you must be a level 10 or later player. 

How to Sell Dragons in Dragon City

It is very simple, follow these steps written below, and boom, sell your dragons. We have developed the new Mod version of the dragon city game. You can get unlimited Gems, gold; you will be able to unlock all the premium dragons in seconds. You can download the dragon city mod apk from here

How to sell dragon city dragons?

Would you mind following the below steps and selling your dragon?

How to Sell Dragons in Dragon City

Note: You must be a level 10 player or later.

  1. From the very first step, Open the dragon city game.
  2. Open the List of dragons that pop up; select the dragons you want to sell. 
  3. A confirmation pop-up box will appear on the screen to confirm that you want to sell it for real?
  4. Just look at the right corner of the bottom of the pop-up box; you’ll see a button named [Sale]; click on it. 

We have answered some of the dragon city gamers’ questions, which they asked frequently. You can read them all to clear your mind and make you a professional gamer of the dragon city game. Some players don’t know much about the game. Later they leave the game because they don’t know how to play it properly. Let’s read it one by one.

Start trading dragons in Dragon City

You can trade dragons in the dragon city game. You cannot Sale, some dragons because these are the intended designed dragons. Those dragons who are level 4 or higher are completely not eligible for selling. Also, it doesn’t give you an interface to sell them.

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It’s effortless; you can visit your profile [ like the one SoD ]. You will get a Trading Tab to take what you want to trade in the dragon city game. It will autosave. 

Gift Dragons to friends in Dragon City

 First of all, go to the dragon city portion and click on “Ignore all.”

Enter the dragon city dragon list, send a gift to your friend, and ask him to accept your gift.

You can also send a message to your friend, “send me a gift,” If he wants to send a gift, you can claim it.

How to make money from Dragon City?

Yes, you can make money from the dragon city game. Start breeding dragon city dragons and sell the eggs. Suppose you can get some gems to purchase an ultra breeding Tree. It would help if you did it because it will make you able to earn a good amount of gold by breeding your monster dragons. Also, you can sell the eggs at a high gold rate. 

I can’t sell my dragons in Dragon City

Some of the dragon city game players do not have the option to sell their dragons. When you reach level 10 player, not level 10 dragon, you will see the option sale. After you reach this eligibility, you can see the sale dragon option in dragon city.

What is 1E 03 K?

It means 1 Million XP ( Experience points ). This is similar to exponential notation to a calculator. It means that (“1e*03”) you can explain it like 10 to the 3 power, you can say it 10000000. Simple as that, you will get 1000k Experience points or 1 million XP.

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