How to Play Ludo King

When the smartphone was developed for the first time, the Video games era started, and it was fun playing video games on smartphones and computers. Still, there were problems with MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) MMORTS (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy). It means that you couldn’t be able to play against your friends online or in real-time online games. Now Technologies are developed enough; Even gamers play tournaments from their gaming room worldwide. The Ludo King game is one of them, and you can play it online in real-time. Today, we are writing a detailed guide about the ludo king game and How to play the ludo king game. Let’s dig into the article.

What is Ludo King Game?

We have written a detailed guide on what a ludo king game is? you can read it here for a better understanding. Ludo King is a real-Time cross-platform game and one of the most famous games globally. Ludo King is now bringing the old board ludo game to the latest smartphones. You can play the Ludo King game with your friends, family members, and children. Ludo King is a board-type game we used to play in our childhood. Ludo King was one of my favourite indoor games. The Ludo king game can now be played between 4 players or 6. It allows you to play the game among six players. You can play with them online from your gaming accounts. Ludo King did connect all those childhood friends again, who were bored of this COVID-19 pandemic. Also, people were instructed to stay in their homes for safety due to COVID-19. 

How to play Ludo King

How to Play Ludo King

The Ludo King game is the same as we used to play in our childhood. Those new players who don’t know much about the ludo king game should read this article for best implementation and for the best strategies in the ludo king game for winning. Ludo King is a simple and easy-to-use strategy board game. You’ll tap on your turn, and the box we use to put the Dice will start rolling and give you a random number between 1 to 6. The Ludo King Dice has six sides, and each side contains its specific number from 1 to 6. The Ludo King game is an old game between Old tenses Queens and Kings.

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When you are about to play the ludo king game, players must be two or more than two maximum of 4 or 6. We can play this game together. Every player will roll the dice on their turn. After rolling the dice, he will get a random number in the range 1 – 6. Now Select the Pocks ( Token ) for the forward direction. Once you unlock the Tokens, you can move them. For unlocking your Token, you must roll out the six. Once you tap on the token you want to move, the Computer will automatically do it for you.

  • You can unlock your token by rolling out six.
  • You can forward your token by tapping on the token you want to move.
  • Rolling the Dice is the same as the classic ludo board game.
  • Your AIM will be to  kill your friends’ tokens and carry all the tokens to your home.
  • You can forward your token to the home line until you kill one of your opponent’s tokens.

Snake and Ladder Game in Ludo King

The Ludo king game also has two mini-games: Snake and ladder game. You can play these two games online as well as you play the ludo king game with your friends, family members, and children.

How to Play Ludo King

Snake Game 

The snake game is straightforward, just like the ludo king game. There are 100 numbers from 1 to 100. The game starts from the number 1 position, and your focal point is number 100 to win the game. You’ll win the game when you reach level 100 or achieve the number 100 position. You can place your token when you roll out your first Six. Also, you can tap on your token to move forward. Let’s suppose you are in level 23 position, and you got number 5 from the Dice. Now you have to move your token to position 27. Many players can play this game with only one token. A snake will descend your position when you get the number where the snake sleeps. The snake will descend you to the position where its tail ends.

Let me explain it a bit more. You are on position 34, and you got number 5 from the Dice. Now you have to move to position 39, and there is a snakehead; the snake will bite you and descend your position. Now suppose the snake tail ends on number 24, the Computer will automatically Descend your position to that position.

  1. The Ludo king Snake game can be played among many players.
  2. The game starts when you roll out the first Six on the Dice.
  3. You have to reach 100 to win the game.
  4. The snake can bite by head position and descend your position to its tail position.

Ladder Game 

The second ludo king game is precisely the snake game, but the names of the elements are different from each other. The Ladder is the best game, and you can play it online and offline. It’s easy to understand and end if you can’t play it long. Here are some tips you must learn about the ludo king Ladder game.

  1. You can start the game by rolling out the first Six.
  2. Once you get a number from rolling Dice and it reaches you to the Ladder, you can goosebump by climbing on the Ladder to the position where it ends.
  3. Also, if you get a number and reach the number where the Ladder head exists, it will descend your position to its tail position.
  4. Reaching level 100 is the winning position, and the game ends there.

Ludo King Game modes

There are two modes of the Ludo king game. Once the mode is online, which gives you access to play with your friends worldwide, you can challenge another player on Facebook. It is a fascinating game. Most Bollywood stars play this game too. You can get a chance to play with them in random selection gameplay. The online mode of this game makes the game more realistic. You can send emojis to other players during the game. You can send messages to each other during the gameplay; they will reply simultaneously. Ludo king’s game allows its users to change live themes. You can make online ludo king tournaments among different globally or play some. The online mode of this game has more fun and excitement than the Offline mode.

Their mode of the game is offline. Many people want to play the game offline as some areas have difficulties with good internet connections. The offline mode of ludo king doesn’t need Internet access. It can be played among players, but they will have to use only one device. Most ludo king users play offline mode when playing with school, college friends, family members, or their children. 

Rules of Ludo King Game 

How to Play Ludo King
  1. Ludo king can be played between 2 to 5 players. 4 Token will be given to every player before starting the game. Every player must try hard to reach all four tokens to their home.
  2. The one who carries all of his four tokens first to his home or the center of the board will be considered a winner.
  3. You can start forwarding the token once you roll out your first 6.
  4. If you get one time six, you will get one new turn. If you get six again now, the game will give you one more and the final turn. If you get 6 again, your all number will burn, and the Computer will turn to the next. Otherwise, you can add or turn those three into one and forward your tokens.
  5. The Ludo king board has eight safe squares, coloured squares, and starred squares.
  6. If a ( pocks )token crosses the finish line, the player will get another chance to roll another dice.

How to download the Ludo King game 

Ludo king game is a lite game, and it will not slow down your device. Also, it doesn’t need high Capacity Ram and graphics cards. You can install it on a low-end device too. You can download the Ludo King game from our website. Here are some tips, follow them and get your ludo king game app installed on your device.

  • Click on the download button given below. 
  • Once the downloading process ends successfully, click on the downloaded file of the ludo king game.
  • Some devices need Unknown source access ( do tick mark to unknown source ).
  • Back to the installation process and click on install; it’s done! 

If you still have any questions about What is ludo king game is and How to download the ludo king game, feel free and comment on your queries. We would love to give you a response in a short amount of time. 

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