How to Play Ludo King With WhatsApp Friends

How to Play Ludo King With WhatsApp Friends

Whatsapp has now become the favourite social app for chatting. Now, game developers are integrating WhatsApp for game invitation and game results sharing. Ludo King also made the game invitation easy by integrating WhatsApp, Facebook and many other social apps for Playing ludo king with WhatsApp friends. Whatsapp now connects ludo king Players faster than ever. Popular games now have WhatsApp links and results-sharing functionalities. You can invite your friends for a ludo king match through Facebook messenger, Instagram but most people see WhatsApp messages quicker than Facebook and Instagram etc. Also, sharing your Room ID on other platforms is time-consuming and hard to send. Here is an easy guide to help you Play ludo king with your WhatsApp friends.

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How to Invite WhatsApp Friends in Ludo King?

There is a full mode in the ludo king game. We are in Play with friends mode now. You can play ludo king games with anyone around the world. There are lots of WhatsApp, telegram and Facebook groups. You can participate in ludo king tournaments; you can win all these tournaments using The mod version of ludo king. You can download the Ludo king Mod apk . All the WhatsApp Ludo king Groups links are below. Let’s dig into a step-by-step method to play ludo king with WhatsApp friends.

  1. Open the Ludo king game; You’ll see Play with Friends mode in the home screen menu. Just tap on it.
  2. Choose your board type; it depends on how much you are inviting.
  3. Choose Your Tokens ( Pocks ) color, also the entry amount of coins. The minimum account is 100 coins. You can now click on next.
  4. Select the Game Orientation, Tap on Create Room. 

Finally, when you click on Create Room. The game will create a Room with a unique ID. Look under the Room ID, which looks like ( 94058409530 ). You will see the WhatsApp icon. Just click on that icon, and it will redirect you to your WhatsApp app. Search your friends’ contacts, and the ludo king will send them the whole invitation message, including the room ID. 

How to join the Ludo King room with a Room ID?

What is a Join Room? When your friends invite you into the game. They will send you a unique Room ID. You can not join another player’s room ( Match ). There are lots of WhatsApp groups for the ludo king game. All the group links are under this post. Suppose someone invites you into his room. Just follow these few steps for joining the ludo king room. 

  • Open the ludo king game on the home screen and click on Play with friends.
  • The options are by default on the Create Room; you have to click on Join.
  • Copy the Room Id your friends sent you on whatsapp and paste it here.
  • Click on join Room; it’s done. 

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As I mentioned above, ludo king is a multiplayer online game due to this COVID – 19 pandemic. Outdoors games are not possible. Also, the tournaments are postponed till this lockdown globally. All the Outdoors and indoor games players are now playing ludo king games online internationally. They have created Different regions ludo king Whatsapp groups.

All the links are given below. 

  • Khiladi no.1 ludo – Join
  • REAL GAMES – Join
  • LUDO 24 HOURS – Join
  • Ludo Gamers – Join
  • Choudhary ludo king – Join
  • Ludo king club 24 Hr – Join
  • LUDO TEAM – Join
  • Ludo club – Join
  • Bollywood Ludo – Join
  • LUDO 24 HOURS – Join
  • Ludu king 👑👑group🎲🎲 bet – Join
  • ludo club – Join

Select your favourite group and click on the link. You will be redirected to the official website web. If you are on a computer, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp official application. Just click on join the group. Enjoy your ludo king game with your WhatsApp friends. 

Suppose you have any questions about playing ludo king with WhatsApp friends. You can comment down. We will reply to your comments ASAP. 

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