How To Make QR Code in Alight Motion

Are you using Alight Motion Video editor application? You are the lucky one using one of the best and most Famous Video editor apps. In the early age of smartphones and computers, the video and audio editors application and software were not so Advanced that you could share your Project with someone remotely. 

In the late age of the smartphone era, we used to edit the videos, and the application was not advanced to give us the project back data as a template so that we share it with other video editors. Alight Motion MOD APK provides the best feature ever in the history of QR codes. It means you can now share your whole Project with everyone worldwide. Also, they will be able to import your Project to their device.

What is Alight Motion QR Code? 

Alight Motion QR code is not rocket science. It is working exactly like the other QR Codes. Alight Motion is now offering new features for its members. You can now import other Alight motion Member Projects to your own device for editing. You will be able to change everything in the Project once you successfully import it to your device.

Where to find Best Alight Motion QR codes for templates?

Alight motion QR code is now the easiest way for video editors. Some of the social media users are now asking for the template. If you are using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will see Memes everywhere in your feed. Once you create a meme and share it through social media for the fair and fun. Everyone will ask for the template. You can send them your editable Project via your Special Alight Motion QR Code using Alight Motion.

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Instagram and Facebook are the best platforms to quickly find new awesome templates and Alight motion projects QR codes. There are hundreds of Alight Motion Facebook groups and pages where people Exchange QR codes.

Instagram is the best source for pitching the best Alight Motion QR Codes. Just search These Hashtags on Instagram, and you will be able to see lots of templates with their QR code for importing to your device. 

Hash Tag : 






How to Make Alight Motion QR Code?

Alight Motion does not offer all the features for free in the basic or free plane. Follow the following steps, and you can make your own Project QR Code. 

  • Open the Alight Motion application and click on the plus icon at the bottom center.
  • Now create a project with a unique name to search it easily.

  • After Creating the Project, Start your editing and edit what you want to edit. AlightMotion offers tons of different features for its users. Try all these and enjoy the best editing.
  • Once you finish your editing, just click on the Arrow at the top of the right corner. And select Project Package.
  • After Clicking on the Project Package option, Alight Motion will create a unique QR code for your Project, which you share with your friends so that they can download it and make some changes to it according to their needs.

If you have any question about, How to make an Alight Motion QR Codes, so please comment down and we will reply you in a short amount of time. Also if you want to learn about How to make Alight Motion XML QR Codes, so keep reading right here.

How to make Alight Motion XML QR Codes?

As you know, Alight Motion has the most extensive video editors community worldwide. Most designers share Alight Motion Editing QR Codes and XML Files through Twitter, Facebook group, and Instagram pages.

Most new editors ask what the Alight Motion XML file is and why we need to learn about it? XML is the abbreviation of ( extensible markup language ). We sometimes need to save our Project whole Code in XML in our storage for later use. We have written a detailed guide on How to Use the XML file of Alight Motion and how to use it.

You are one step ahead, follow these steps, and you can use Alight Motion XML feature.

  • Open the Alight motion app and click on the Green circle having a plus sign inside it from the first step. It will help you to create a new project. 
  • Create a project. You can use your custom text as a project name for your Project. Once you set the Resolution, Frame Rate, and background, click on Create Project.
  • Here is your Alight motion advance video and audio editing interface. Start your editing right in this step. When you finish your editing. 
  • Click on the icon pointing outside of the app. You can find this icon on the top right corner of the Alight motion app. 
  • Now select XML and click on the export button.

  • The app will show an icon of Google drive, just click on it, save your XML project in Google drive, and click on the XML file 3 dots for copying the file link. 
  • Now, open the QR Code Maker and scanner app we have downloaded from the play store and click on th burger icon. You will see this icon in the top left corner of the app and click on the Link or URL button.
  • Once you paste the URL, the app will make a unique QR Code to share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Once they scan the QR code, the app will redirect them to the google drive XML File to download. After clicking on the file, the Alight Motion will automatically pick the whole XML Code and open your exact Project after you download it.

If you still have any questions about making QR codes in alight Motion, you can comment down. We will be happy to reply to you with a detailed answer. We are waiting for your comment.

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