How to get the Legacy Dragon in the Dragon City Game

How to get the Legacy Dragon in the Dragon City
TypeHatch CostHatching TimeSell PriceCategoryShop PriceBreeding TimeGeneration
Legendary4320002 days 10 h1080000525002 days 2 hIV
Information About Legacy Dragons

Minutiae :

There were dragons in the dragon city game, famous by the names of Legendary are now replaced with Legacy Dragons. Legacy dragons are also famous for [ Long ] or [ Lung ]; the legacy Dragon’s designs are very close to the Chinese Dragons. 

A myth about the Legacy dragons: 

The legacy dragons are all male, which means that the gender of the legacy dragons is male. There is no female version of the legacy dragons.

The Legend elements were initially dealt most serious damage against the legend elements by themselves. The legend element had appropriated again to ranged attacks with fighters, which are weak in opposition to Pure Hybrids. The dragon city game introduced the Primal Element then, and the Legend element is now a substantial element against first Hybrids.

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Life Cycle of Legacy Dragons

There are some stages for legacy dragons. You have to wait and grow them with patience and love. Please read down all the articles to know about the Legacy dragons. 

How to get the Legacy Dragon in the Dragon City

The Egg phases 

The Legacy dragon’s eggs have a soft surface area. The egg has rainbow colors and is embellished with luminous stars. Today we are about to discuss the Legacy Dragons, so be here with us. 

 Baby Phases

The Legacy Dragon seems to have two tiny wings without legs. It has two cute little horns and is fair-haired. It has spherical yellow color eyes having purple irises. Its pores and skin are rainbow-colored, with its head being green. The Dragon also conserves a rainbow-colored globe in its arms and hands.

Young Pashes

Above, we discussed the essential phases of the legacy dragon. Legacy Dragon in Young Skin has more extraordinary habits. Its horns are additionally longer and indeed appear like an antler. Its wings are more fabulous and contain more excellent colors; alongside that, two extra tiny wings have additionally appeared. Clouds have additionally begun to show up around the Dragon. Another visible distinction is that the globe has begun to drift alternatively than staying in the Dragon’s hand.

Adult Era 

The legacy dragon’s look is explained very simply. The rainbow globe is more fantastic onward with the horns. He has a modified version of the Dragon City game; download it Here.


What does breeding mean? the explanation of the world breeding means “the mating and production of offspring by animals.” The Dragon city game Dragons must have an assertive rarity of being trained well; also, it must have the first egg unlocked. One of the easiest ways to breed the Legendary or Legacy dragon is by breeding Two solo element dragons with Legacy Dragon. Norse dragon and brainy dragons. The other way, You can try by breeding the legacy dragons with Pure but still, it must have unlocked the First egg. 


You can buy the legacy Dragon egg with Gems in the shop, costing 2500 Gems. You can download our Dragon city mod apk to get unlimited gems for free. If you are about to buy something In the official version of the game, there are time-limited sales. You can buy the legacy dragon by 400 gems free from our modified app of dragon city mode. 

What is the easiest way to get the legacy dragon?

Some methods will work best for breeding the legacy dragons. The first method is to breed a Pure dragon with a war dragon. This method has 40 – 45 % chances of breeding the Kratus Dragon, who knows both Pure and War type moves perfectly. As you know, the breeding rate is so high, and it is required to do this continuously and recall the krauts’ dragons using the tree life. 

The second option is to start breeding one of the legendary dragons with a single legacy element. The method will work if you breed 2 pure dragons simultaneously, but this method has only 1 – 4 % chances of success. It will cost too much time. There is one alternative way to get “the legacy dragon “, and it needs a particular quest in the game. 

There are several ways to get the legacy dragons. You can upgrade your breeding sanctuary, which will unlock new breeding opportunities. It can only be done when you are breeding in the sanctuary. If you have any questions about this article, you can comment your queries right down in this post in the comment box. We will give a response in a short amount of time. 

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