How To Get Free Gems In Dragon City Game

Dragon city is one of the famous simulation games in the video game era. You can play this amazing video game on your smartphone. Dragon City is a social networking game; you can connect the dragon city game with your social accounts. You can invite your social friends to play with you. The Dragon city game was developed by Social point company and was released in 2012. learn more about how to collect free gems and Gold.

About Dragon city game 

We have written a detailed guide on playing Dragon city. You can read it here. Anyway, In the dragon city game, you need to raise your dragons and train them for your well. You will have to decorate your City full of Monsters dragons. After installing the game, You would like to see the dragon city UI; actually, The gamers are designing their dragon cities on a floating island, and believe me, it looks amazing with so much fun. In reality, You will need so much Gold to upgrade your habitats and the buildings in Dragon City. You can get unlimited gems and Gold in our new modified app, “Dragon city mod apk“. You can exchange the Gold for food and can use that food to level up your cute little dragons to improve their power. You can breed up to two dragons simultaneously when you reach level 4. Learn more about the currencies used in the dragon city game and how to get unlimited gems for free in dragon city. 

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Currencies of Dragon city Game

Today we are writing on the dragon city game currencies and how to get these kinds of stuff for free. You must be familiar with this game’s currencies from the top of the article. These are the assets we use for buying food, upgrading habitats and buildings. These are [ Gold, Crystal, and Gems ]. Be with us to know more about it. How to get gems for free “you can even get unlimited Gems by installing our modified dragon city game apk.

As I have mentioned, all the currencies and assets of dragon city. Now I am giving a quick review about all the assets and currencies used in dragon city and why you must collect them to play like a pro. Be with us; we have something special for you at the end of this article. 

How to get free golds in the Dragon City game 

I am giving you some tips about getting more Gold in less time and what you can do with this Gold. You can upgrade your habitats and many more. Let’s find out what you can purchase and upgrade by the Gold of dragon city game.

How To Get Free Gems In Dragon City

1 – Habitats

When you wish to upgrade your habitats, the first thing you will need to do; is the high demand of Golds.You can purchase dragons, you can get unlimited Gold for free in our modified dragon city mod apk. 

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2 – Breeding 

Breeding will help you grow your dragon city with lots of dragons. Breeding your Monster dragons is very important in the dragon city game because they will give you eggs. The best part of the game is selling these eggs to get Gold in exchange or nurturing these eggs to more dragons. 

3 – Leveling Up dragons 

Level growth of your dragon city game dragons is the most challenging part you will face in this game. When you have high-level dragons, they will give you more gold. To grow your dragons, for this you must grow more food. When you level up your dragons up to 10 – 11 levels, they will give a good amount of Gold.

4 – play Everyday

When you are an active player of the game, not only the dragon city game will give you a reputation, but every single game will help you grow faster than those players who are not playing regularly. You can collect more Golds, when you are playing the dragon city game. 

Collect free gems in the Dragon City game 

What are the dragon city’s most precious and worthy assets? Do you know it? If not, then the name of that currency is Gem. It is tough to get Gems in dragon city, but we have some tips by which you can get little Gems. Also, you can install our Dragon city mod apk to get all these currencies for free and unlimited :). 

 1 – Login Rewards

When you log in every day to the game, The dragon city game will give a reward for each day you open the game. It is not fixed to give one currency or asset every day, but it is just like spin. Some days you may get some Golds the other day, the game may give you food, or even the game can give you some free gems. 

2 – Deus Daily bonus 

Did you know there is a mini-game within the dragon city game called Deus Daily bonus Game, and you can only play the daily bonus game once a day? Usually, the reward you get from this mini-game is small, but sometimes, you can get high-demand prizes at special events. It may be gems, or you can dismantle the collective item from the mini-game into gems. 

3 – Gain XP and level up

A frequently asked question: what is XP in the dragon city game? 

Answer: XP means Experience points in the dragon city game. 

Experience is the only method to progress and unlock prominent, complex features and buildings. You can gain experience by the following methods

  • Completing Goals in the game for XP.
  • Clearing all the obstacles 
  • Growing food for the dragons
  • Fighting in PVP combats.
  • Building such [ Statues, Arena, markets, hatching dragons, Habitats and Visiting Dues’ Island, etc.]. 

4 – Unlock Jewelem’s Tower 

Jewelems’s tower is one of the best towers in the dragon city game. When you unlock this tower, it will start giving you one free Gem each day for free. You can level up your jeweller’s tower to level 12. After it, you can rebuild it for more gems. 

How to get unlimited Gems, Golds in the dragon city game 

How To Get Free Gems In Dragon City

I hope you are reading this article from the top of the article, correct? If you are not, please read this amazing article from the top of it. You’ll learn more about how to get free Gems, golds, and many other assets in the game. Today I have a solution for these currencies. You spend the whole time collecting and earning these pieces of stuff in the game, but no one thinks that is there any shortcut? To earn unlimited Gems and golds to grow my dragons and habitats faster than usual. We have developed a modified app for the dragon game. You can download the Dragon city mod apk from this article. 

We can guarantee that you can win every game if you have our mod app installed on your phone. You can even unlock all the dragons; you can purchase anything available in the dragon city game store if you still have questions about the explained topic above. You can comment right down here. We would love you to respond in a short amount of time. 

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