Angry Birds 2 MOD APK V2.62.0 (Unlimited Engery/Gems/Money)

Are you a great admirer of the old and classy style gameplay? Have you played the new Angry Birds 2 game? It’s so much fun! I never thought I’d be addicted to a bird-flinging game, but here I am. If you’re looking for something to keep you engaged for hours and hours, then Angry Birds 2 is the perfect Android and IOS game for you.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK V2.62.0 (Unlimited Engery/Gems/Money)

In recent years, Rovio Entertainment Corporation, which developed the most famous and popular Angry Birds game, Rovio released its 2nd newest installment: Angry Birds 2. The new version promises more challenging levels, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay. If you’re one of the millions of classy Gamers who can’t get enough of this birds-versus-pigs saga, read on for tips on how to master the latest edition. We have written a detailed guide on Angry Bird 2 Mod apk. Also, we have all the working links to download its modified version now fast and safely.

What is Angry Birds 2 MOD APK?

Angry Birds 2 mod is the modified or recreated version of the Official Angry Birds 2 game. In the past years, the Rovio Entertainment Corporation developed the 2nd version of the Angry birds game after the success and popularity of the original one and named it Angry birds 2. In this new version, the addicted gamers will find themselves cheering the gameplay with more compelling and intriguing features. 

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK V2.62.0 (Unlimited Engery/Gems/Money)

Angry Birds is an old game; it was first released on December 10, 2009. We have tried this fabled game without losing interest in it. If you have ever played this, too, you will be curious about playing Angry Birds 2. The 2nd installment of this game is continuously updated with intense events and new features, including [ PvP Arena Tournament, hatchling, Angry Birds 2 maps, and guilds ]; there are also new immense methods to attack evil pig guys.

Additional Information

Angry Birds 2 MOD + APK (Unlimited Gems/Engery)
App NameAngry Birds 2
App Size239 MB
Google Play
Last UpdateFebruary 17, 2022
Latest VersionV2.62.0
Android Version RequirementsV5.0 and up
Mod InfoInfinite Gems and Energy
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
Download Angry Birds 2 mod apk

Let us plunge to explore  Angry Birds 2 MOD APK and its imposing features and stories. You can play this game on multiple Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Angry Birds 2 has 100,000,000+ installs on Playstore, having 4.3 stars ratings.

This game is popular in the Apple AppStore, having 4.6 ratings there too. Rovio Entertainment has the best support and constantly updates the game on the play store and Appstore. The latest update was released on February 17, 2022, version 2.62.0, for the best gaming experience and bug fixing. Today we are here to learn about the best features and tactics to fight Evil Pigs and destroy them in a minute or two. Likewise, we always try to give good news in our articles, and today, that is about how to unlock all the premium features by installing Angry birds 2 mod apk from our website.

The Plot Story of Evil Pigs 

Once upon a time, at the cobalt plateaus (the name of a location in the Angry birds game ), the Angry Birds were sleeping with sweet dreams about their eggs. The Minion Pig comes to know that the Birds are sleeping; he steals their Eggs and replaces them with White sandbags that look like the original Eggs. When he was leaving the Cobalt plateaus, the Angry birds caught him, but he managed to service and tried to get out of the area.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK V2.62.0 (Unlimited Engery/Gems/Money)

 Suddenly the other minion Pigs and The King Pig arrive with an airship to rescue The minion Pig. The King Pigs started laughing at the Angry Birds and Leaves with the eggs. Also, the Angry Birds never accept the fear and challenges, but they continuously chase the King Pig airship. The Angry birds shot the airship down and got their eggs again. The Evil Pigs plan to steal the eggs every day, and the Angry birds fight them to get the eggs back from them.

What’s New In Angry Birds 2 Game?

Angry Birds 2 was developed with pre-planned ideas and engaging stories. This game has all the best features you will ever experience in your entire life of playing classy games.

We have explained each spot of the game with a detailed guide. Let’s jump into the features to become a pro attacker for the Evil King Pig.

About Angry Birds 2 gameplay

Angry birds 2, welcome to the enthusiastic users of the all-time good Android and IOS game Angry Birds. Finally, they got another chance to get started with another immense biography of this game. Most users are from the first edition of the Angry Birds game; they will find it more interesting and bracing with new features and stories from the Evil Pigs and Birdy guys.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK V2.62.0 (Unlimited Engery/Gems/Money)

Get special rewards as you stride in the game and compete with challenges. This game can make you an addictive user of the Angry Birds 2 gameplay, as there are more than 50 Birds and Countless Pigs. Learn how to unleash the rigorous shots towards the Evil Pigs Towers and castles. Hey King Pig ! we will enjoy it more when we take down your piglets and your weak opposing Systems.

Multiple Levels and Challenges

Millions of users play this game around the globe because it has thousands of Levels and an amazing story behind it. You will find it more obsessed while playing the game. Be with your Angry birds, take new hard challenges, and enjoy the game. The gameplay will slowly go toward difficulties as you progress through the game and accomplish the initial stages.

In every Arc of the Game, the Evil pigs will set up their defensive system differently for you to go against. Angry Bird 2 offers you tons of features to make use of them and defeat the King Pig.

You will need a strong mindset to think about the weakest point of the Piglets to destroy them. Otherwise, they get stronger as you go through the gameplay.

Angry Birds 2 Online Community

Angry Birds 2 isn’t just a game you play on your own. The Rovio entertainment developers have made awesome online angry birds community features. You can send an invitation to your Facebook friends to join in the fun and compete to see who can get the highest score; you can connect your Angry Bird 2 account with Facebook to see who is playing this game from your Facebook friends list! 

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK V2.62.0 (Unlimited Engery/Gems/Money)

This way, you can measure how good you are against your friends’ progress and back up your gameplay via the online cloud drive to continue playing seamlessly across devices. If you ever change your smartphone, you will recover your Angry birds 2 levels and score again but sign up with Facebook.

Also, we are now in our second edition adventure. The game offers leaderboard challenge features for smartphone gamers. To see their ranking position compared with other gamers from around the world. Enjoy the best gameplay with your friends and online gamers to the extreme title of the Best Angry Birds 2 Strategies and skillful fighter along with your scores.

This time, improve your skills and challenge the piglets in Angry Birds 2 Arena – a brand new battle game for fun where you can enjoy playing the exciting mini-games to take down your friends or other online gamers as well the piglets. Join the gang in their epic journey of discovering and mastering new powerful skill sets. You can also form your team to take down the evil King Pig Piglets!

Features of Angry Birds 2 MOD APK

As I promised you at the beginning of the article about the Mod version of this game. We are here to help with it. You can download the Angry Birds 2 MOD APK now damn fast by clicking on the download button right here in the article. There are some premium features, which you unlock for free without spending your real-time Money on the game. You can unlock everything available in the game by installing the mod version of this game.

Unlimited Money 

There are only two types of currency Black Pearls and Gems, which you can use to shop or unlock a premium feature. Installing the modified version of this game will provide you with unlimited Black Pearls and Gems. You don’t need to worry about Money as these are infinite for you in the mod version.

Unlimited Energy

Energy is a basic factor of the Legendary Angry Birds 2 game. Most of your Energy is Consumed for a win or loss in the gameplay. Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK and start playing the stages from easy to Hard level. It will provide you with unlimited Energy, and it will be enough for you all the time. 

Collect Daily Challenges Rewards

Today, we will get all the possible knowledge about Angry Birds 2. Developers have tried their best to make the game more curious for Smartphone users. Android and IOS (Apple Devices) have good news for them. You can Collect Daily rewards when you return to play the game every day. Also, this game offers good prizes at the end of the month.

If you are a regular gamer of Angry birds 2, it would be easy to delve into the Levels and Difficult challenges as you progress onward. Completing the daily reward challenges offer the best gaming experiences for the admirer of this game. Unlock the rewards now, and have a happy journey ahead.

Angry Birds Power Control

We are already on the second edition of the old angry birds game. All smartphone gamers choose their old Birds and all the new birds added in the Angry Birds 2 game. Always pick the birds with the best power quality for the new amazing adventures.

You can level up the birds with the handy features and train them the way you want them to be for the fights. We are here to motivate you to take on all new challenges. We have defeated the King pig and his Piglets. We are very sad about the Angry bird’s Eggs, huh! 

Customizations for Birds

For those interested in customizations for birds in the Angry Birds 2 gameplay. In addition, it allows you with a more comic style which you may have with your birdy crews.

The craziest part of this game is that you can change your birds with a unique fashion aroma with an idiotic hat. You can use all the available outfits you may have and relish the birdy guys’ new look.

Mesh with the gameplay and crack special Items

All we have to do in the game is to collect and unlock special gifts, Items, and Rewards to make the birdy friends powerful. With this interesting puzzle-type battle and confessions, Angry birds 2 lets users play with eagerness in Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp. Here is the showtime, we have to show them our gang bravery and precious coins for the shops. Cheer up with all the items and boosters we bought in the shop for an awesome experience. 

In-Game Updates and Support

For those interested in the game, which offers in-game updates for the new awesome events and a better gaming experience. Angry bird 2 is one of them. Whenever there is an update in the game, be first to collect the special rewards because most events offer tons of special rewards and items for the gamers. Mostly the Events are for a limited time, so enjoy them until they disappear from the gameplay.

Updated Graphics and Sounds

We have come along with the First version of the Angry Birds game. I noticed that the graphics are now much better than the previous version. Especially some small points like screen brightness for the daytime gameplay, Raining, New effects for expulsions, and the background scenes.

The sound was not so good in the late edition of this angry bird. The game is continuously updated, and the sounds for the birds, equipment, and the Evil Pigs are clear now.


At the end of this article, I will conclude Angry Birds 2 MOD APK is the most certified MOD available for this game right here to download. Many people are despairing about security, so all the links provided in the articles are 100% Safe and Working. Go and download the game and enjoy your gameplay with all premium features unlocked for free.

If you still have any questions about this article, you can comment on your queries in the comment box. We will be happy to reply to you with a detailed guide to solve your issue. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: Do we need to install other apk files for this game?

Answer: No. You don’t need to install anything other than the apk file

Question: Many other apk need Root Access; does this app need too?

Answer: No, Some years later, it was true but not now. Rooting your device will make your phone open to attacks, so better not to root any device.

Question: Is this mod version is safe for my device ?

Answer: Yes, this is safe to use, If you android version if compatible with this app then sure you can use it.

Question: Is this mod version is safe for my device ?

Answer: Yes, this is safe to use, If your android version is compatible with this app then sure you can use it.

Quetion: How do we install this app?

1.Download Angry Birds 2 mod apk from this article.
2.Locate the download directory and click on the file.
3.ll you have to do now is click on Install and wait for it.

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