Alight Motion MOD APK V4.0.4 ( Pro/Paid Subscription Unlocked )

Are you seeking the best and most useful way to edit your Tiktok, Youtube, or Instagram Videos? Or you must be looking for a Video Editor app that can help YOU capture new videos or edit your already captured video Clips, right? Finally, we are here to cover each and everything about the Alight motion mod apk. 

There are tons of other applications for video editing and motion graphics work, but Alight Motion is the best among them. It offers all those features, which are in Inshot Pro. This app would allow you to make your videos more interesting. Alight Motion Mod Apk V4.0.4 ( Pro/Paid Subscription Unlocked ) gives all the premium collections of transitions and effects and features for free. Start editing your videos with brilliant and limitless artistry. This app is designed especially for those excited about animated videos editing. We have discussed all the alight Motion features and the easy-to-use guide. Let’s read it together.

What is Alight Motion Mod Apk ?

Alight Motion is one of the most popular apps available on the internet to create Graphics, Visual Effects, and Edit videos with new super cool options. Making animation is the best part of this app. If you are looking for an app to create animation, Alight Motion will be the best option for android devices. This app provides a set of amazing tools for editing your captured video and Photos. The new updates of the Alight option have new awesome features which will allow you to make motion graphics and animations, which is not possible in other apps. You can record or create nice and refined pieces of audio and sounds perfect with easy-to-use options.

Additional Information

Alight Motion Pro Unlocked
App NameAlight Motion
App Size72 MB
CategoryVideo Editing
Google Play
Last UpdateDec 10, 2021
Latest Versionv4.0.4
Android Version RequirementsV6.0 and up
Mod Info- Paid Subscription Unlocked
- No Watermark
- Single Package APK (No SAI Needed)
PublisherAlight Creative, Inc.
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Alight Motion Mod Apk: is the first you will ever use for motion graphics in your mobile with better functionality. This app helps its users by enabling those useful editing tools, multi-layer Editing, and motion designing options that are not easy to use in other software. You can cut a piece of a clip from your video download awesome editing tools and new stunning effects for your Social videos. Alight Motion has a special feature of combining pictures into new videos with your favorite song. The Alight Motion mode apk also provides you with a complete library of vectors and freehand illustrations, which you can use for free. Using Low-end devices is the requirement for an Alight Motion Video editing app. If your device is compatible with these requirements, you are one step away from professional video editing.

Device Requirements

Alight Motion is a video editing app that needs a high-end device to run smoothly without bugs and errors; you can also use this app on low-end devices. All new video editing apps now support the high graphics and Hardware capability of your device, and for this, you would need high-end devices that complete the App requirements like the Alight Motion app.

Some years before, smartphones were not so Powerful, but now every device has at least 3 GB of RAM and 32 – 64 GD of storage. Suppose you want to run an Alight Motion app without lagging and edit your social videos without interruptions. You would need 1.5 GB of unallocated RAM to run the app with zero percent lag. Using the Quad-Core Processor of Qualcomm, 4 GB RAM, or More, you can use Alight Motion without errors. Always check for the updates of this app, as Alight Motion developers are constantly working and fixing bugs inside the app for a better user experience. Her e is the requirement checklist for android and IOS Apple devices.

Android Phones :

  • Must be 7.0 or at least 6.0 (or higher Version like android 9 and 11 ) for better Experience.
  • Alright, Motion needs a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM unallocated on your device.
  • If you are running out of storage, it’s better to clear your storage for higher Resolution videos ( optional ).
  • These Chipset or Soc are supportable for Alight Motion ( Qualcomm snapdragon, Exynos by Samsung, Media Tek, Kirin HiSilicon, Tegra, and Intel Atom).

IOS iPhone :

  • Your IOS version should be Higher or at least 12.2, the minimum requirement.
  • You must have free space to save high-resolution edited video because iPhone doesn’t Support external Storage devices ( Optional ).
  • Alight Motion does not have any requirement for IOS processors.

Features of Alight Motion Mod Apk

Alight Motion has two modes free and paid. The Free version is working well, but unlocking all the premium features of this app will not be available for use. Also, every edited object will contain the Alight Motion watermark. However, if you want to use the best and premium features, there will also be no watermark in the VIP subscription of Alight Motion. You can buy a monthly subscription, which costs 5$ / m.

You can get all the Premium features of the Alight Motion app by installing our latest Alight Motion Mod Apk V4.0.4 for free. Alight Motion mod apk is a recreated or modified version of this app—many people despair about the security issue in mod applications. We care about your security since it is the most certified Mod version of Alight Motion available on the internet. You can download the Alight Motion mod apk from our website, damn easy. We have listed and explained some of the premium features to be completely free in Alight Motion Mod Apk.

1: Animation and Motion Graphics

Nowadays, most designers and video editors are looking for software to create new stunning changes to their content. Alight Motion brings the new best features with many animated libraries, by which you can redesign your videos more easily. Most TikTok celebrities use this app when shooting or editing their videos for social apps.

Bitmap Support : 

Do you know Bitmap? If not, here is the answer. “A bitmap is a digital Image composed of matrix dots, where each dot corresponds to an individual pixel on display.” So finally, the Alight Motion Mod Apk V4.0.4 latest version has bitmap and vector features. You can now edit your videos with vectors and Bitmap, which help content creators make premium and professional content. 

Alight motion mod apk will be your last application to download and start with if you are starting your new journey of motion graphic and videos editing. You can choose pre-built-in elements in your projects, which helps in a faster editing experience and enhancement.

2: Effects and Multi-layers 

Alight motion editor is completely for beginners and advanced or pro editors. For those who don’t know more about Editing and cannot edit their videos with beautiful color gradients, This app will allow you to edit your graphics by applying new awesome effects and animation with beautiful icons. There are tons of pre-made Effects; select one and start your journey with pro editing.

This app supports multi-layers editing features. “Alight Motion is one of the best apps you’ll ever use for android and IOS users. ” Multi-layer features help editors control Graphics, Videos, and audio on the same screen for faster Editing and ease.

Multi-layers help in Advance editing. You can make certain changes with your video, like cutting some pieces, freezing some parts, and slowing down some scenes of the videos. You will be able to control the audio on the same screen, where you will edit your audio along with your video simultaneously and according to the video.

3: No ADs and Watermark

Most or almost every video editor shows Ads within the app when using the Free version. Same Alight Motion shows in-app ads and is quite annoying. Our developer has finally released the mod version, and you Ads free. We have removed all the Ads from alight Motion. You can download our Alight motion mod apk from this article at the end of this article.

Using the free version of alight Motion has its watermark. When you finish your Editing and click on the save button, The app will automatically place its watermark on your video when you successfully save it on your device. If you want to save your editing contents without a watermark, start using our Mod version for a better Experience and no watermark.

4: Unlock Premium Features

Alight has two versions, which we generally use for low-quality Editing. Alight Motion has its paid version for professional Video editing with lots of Transitions, Effects, and much more. If you want to unlock the premium features of this app, then use Our mod version instead. You will unlock all the in-page purchases for free if you can download the Paid version of alight Motion from this website.

5: Import and Export Experience

Alight Motion allows users to import their editing materials from their external memory or internal storage to make the Editing more impressive and accessible for the best User experience. Alight Motion also supports quick import for all types of Video and GIF materials.

You can import your loved one song or any soundtrack to set the editable contents’ background sound.

We have experienced a lot of video editing software that typically takes more time to render the editing content and make it ready for saving on your device. Alight Motion solves all issues that video editors face. It allows its users to save their video faster without reducing the quality of the edits. 

Alight offers you tons of features and the best features, which I love. You can save your favorite elements and effects by creating different groups. This feature will save you a lot of time because you will find all the elements in a second.


App crashes or Stopped working.

As we have written detailed notes of device requirements, please read the above in this article. There are several complaints that sometimes the app crashes, Freezes within the editing process, and shows the app is not responding and stops working. The only solution to these problems is that you must install the latest version of the app because the developers are constantly working to fix the bugs and errors for the apps.

Final Opinion 

Alight Motion is a completely user-friendly video editor app, and for those who are not aware of video editing, this app is very important for them. It offers tons of free cool features like animations, effects, and free graphics. Most of us are looking for a quick and effective way to make animations and motion graphics, so the Alight mod version is the best option to use. Start your video editing journey, and feel free to use our mod version of alight Motion. Even freelancers have started video editing with alight Motion as it offers advanced features like Adobe premiere pro and mobile videos apps like Inshot Pro and Kinmaster pro.

How to Download and install Alight motion mod apk

Would you like to know how to download the Alight Motion Modded version without watermark and install a light motion mod apk on your device? Here is a quick and short guide; follow the beloved bullet points, and you will get a light motion mod version in your device installed in a few minutes. Also, It doesn’t require Root Access. You can enjoy all the premium features without having to root your device.

  1. First of all, click on the download button at the top of the end of this article; once the downloading process starts. Wait for the download process successfully.
  2. Locate the Alight motion mod apk file in your storage, open it and click the install button. 
  3. Sometimes the mobile redirects you to the mobile setting option ( Unknown source ). Just tick this option and back to the installation process.
  4. Open the alight motion app once the installation completes successfully and enjoy it.
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If you have any issues or questions, please contact us. If you can write your message below in the comment, we would like to give your reply in a short amount of time.

Freqeuntly Aksed Questions about Alight Motion MOD APK

Question: Do we need to install other apk files for this MODded App?

Answer: No. You don’t need to install anything other than the apk file.

Question: Many other apk need Root Access; does this app need too?

Answer: No, Rooting your device will make your phone open to attacks, so better not to root any device.

Question: Is this mod version is safe for my device ?

Answer: Yes, this is safe to use, If your android version is compatible with this app then sure you can use it.

Quetion: How do we install this app?

1. Download Alight Motion mod apk from this article.
2. Locate the download directory and click on the file.
3. All you have to do now is click on Install and wait for it.
4. Enjoy!!

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